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I'm sewing a queen-sized Bear's Paw with my trusty Bernina. I HATE pressing those half-square triangles.

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This site is mostly about patchwork quilts and quilting, with a little knitting. But first, a little bit about me:

I'm deeply, head-over-heels in love twice over. First, I found True Love. And eight years later it was love at first sight for both of us with the arrival of Sarah Irene Cartan.

Recent Creations

I am a quilter living on the island of Alameda, Calif. at the edge of the North American continent. I don't often win ribbons for my quilts; I make them to please myself. Although I've been quilting since 1978, I don't have many of my own. Most went to friends as wedding presents or as first-baby gifts. I no longer hand-quilt, unless it's a very special gift or something for myself.

I collect textile books. On the book review page I've linked titles to

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Now that sewing-machine time is limited, I've returned to knitting. Grandma Brazy, master knitter of Martha Squares afghans, taught me how to knit when I was a child. My first project was a golden scarf of dropped stitches, split yarn and mysteriously increasing rows. Later I learned to make Grandma's receiving blanket (garter-stitch pie). Nowadays I'm knitting socks. With experience comes mastery; I'm still on the journey.
Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Southern Alameda County

Quilting and computing do mix. I beta-tested Quilt-Pro 1.0 for the Macintosh platform. In 1994, I helped form and was co-leader of AOL Quilters Online, the then-3,500-member quilting forum on America Online. In February 1996 I retired from the forum staff. I've even used my Macintosh to make a photo-transfer quilt.

Macs create great phototransfer quilts My first phototransfer quilt

And please check out these quilt-related sites:

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Professional Information

I write online documentation and work on knowledge management projects, as well as project management. At Sybase, I was a senior technical writer for Sybase Customer Service & Support and edited Sybase Technical News. Previously, I wrote internal software manuals to help users and database administrators use Oracle's Worldwide Customer Support applications. I entered the technical writing field in 1992. Prior to that, I had 12 years' newspaper experience as an editor and reporter.

I am where I am today with a mere bachelor of arts from a land-grant college: Indiana University. Thank you, Indiana Legislature and especially Mom and Dad.

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