What Parts Can We Share?

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 1  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 1:07 AM

In the coming months we will all be sharing a vast pile of programs, paintings, book reviews, desk accessories, stacks, essays, sound effects, fonts, and other goodies. Often we will want to share these treasures with friends outside of Archipelago. The question is: what parts can we share and what parts should remain private?

All independent contributions will appear as wrapped packages on Archipelago's main screen. Every time you include a contribution on your transit disk, you should push the MAKE CONTRIBUTION button and select "Introduce a Separate Gift." Archipelago will automatically create a card for the package and will ask you if it is OK to share this present outside the group. If you say NO your card will be stamped with a "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE" marker.

Of course there are many benefits to sharing outside the group and I hope we can do this with most of our goodies. But in some cases there are compelling reasons not to share. Those of use who provide original creations for feedback may not want their creations prematurely released. Also some goodies may be copyrighted and a general dispersal could get one or all of us into trouble. So PLEASE respect the wishes of your fellow members. And if any of you have concerns in this area please fire off a voice card.

An intriguing possibility is that we could someday publish some kind of anthology of Archipelago creations and share in the profits (if any). Rest assured that I will not release any member's work without his express permission.

A final note: some of you may want to pass around parts of the Archipelago system itself. There are some components which I encourage you to share and other parts which should NOT be shared.

Please feel free to pass around the following stacks:

  • HPL
  • Island Quiz (I'd like to accumulate quiz results for as many people as possible.)
  • Sound Club Archive
  • Book Reviews (If any of you feel uneasy about sharing reviews, send a card.)
  • Archipelago Help Manual
DO NOT pass around these stacks:
  • Mr. Wizard (I am planning to modify a selection of Wizard stacks for general release; I'll pass these on to you when they're ready.)
  • Quotationist (Paul eventually hopes to publish his collection.)
  • Member List (Some members don't want their phone numbers advertised; besides, there's no reason to share this one anyway.)
  • HECK/ASK (I hope to publish a modified version of this one, but of course you are free to distribute any of your own HyperEssays or surveys created with the program.)
  • Voice Card Volumes (These can't function outside of Archipelago anyway and our Voice Card discussions will be more open and intimate if we are assured of some privacy. However, I don't mind if you pass around VOLUME ZERO.)
  • The Archipelgo program itself.