Don't Forget to Say Hello

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 3  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 2:36 AM

Just thought I'd remind you not to forget to make a Hello Card opening message. This is especially important this time because the next issue will be our first opportunity to get to know each other.

The Hello Card always appears at the beginning of your group of voice cards and will also pop up whenever anyone pushes your icon on the main screen. Normally this card is your chance to say "Hello, here's what's been happening to me since the last issue, and here is some of the stuff I've contributed this time around..." But since this will be be your first opening message, you should concentrate on introducing yourself to the group. Tell us who you are, what kind of contributions you might be able to make, and what you hope to see happen in future issues.

In order to create a Hello Card, go to the main screen, push the MAKE CONTRIBUTION button, and select "Provide New Opening Message."