Crab Creatures Cont.

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Holly Card Number 12  -  Fri, Oct 14, 1988 8:01 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 1, Dionne Card Number 1 ("Crab Creatures Chapter 2")...

Ouch! Zrotif dropped me as a pink-and-green cloud suddenly appeared as Zrotif disappeared. You know, the ONLY thing worse than having a case of the bletch yourself is being left alone in a pink-and-green cloud that you did not create.

So, there I was turning blue with embarrassment as passers-by politely but obviously avoided the cloud and me. Looking as if nothing was wrong I walked to a secluded spot so I could think, trailing bits of pink and green behind me.

You see not only had I left the ship in Launch Mode but I also had been working on a project of my own. No one knew about it, including my sometimes boyfriend, Xeronee. If Zagnor found it in my private quarters, which I had carelessly left open, and showed it to Zrotif before it was ready my career would be ruined. I would be laughed off the planet, I would lose everything! Only in a finished state would I be able to present it to the Crab Council successfully.

BUT WAIT, I felt a case of the bletch coming on, if Zagnor launched, not only would I lose my ship and my commission but my project too. I heard a scale thump on the ground and suddenly I was in a pink-and-green cloud of my very own. You see my special project was ...