Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Holly Card Number 2  -  Wed, Oct 12, 1988 9:45 PM

The other day on KBFA they read a report that said the San Francisco-Oakland area is one of the WORST places to live. The top three places are Grand Rapids, Michigan, St. Cloud, Minnesota (down the road from Lake Woebegon) and the Provo-Orem, Utah area. What the criteria was I don't know.

I was raised about half-way between San Francisco and San Jose. When the time came I left and went to school in Provo at BYU. After graduation I stayed in Utah (Salt Lake). About five years ago I wanted to "come home" to the Bay Area and made a short trip to check things out. Something happened during the trip that is too personal to share but I remember driving across the San Mateo-Hayward Bride and looking at the sail boats on the bay and thinking, "I love this place but now is not the time to come back." So I went back to Salt Lake extremely depressed.

I went back to school and worked at a company where I met some terrific people. Both of these things helped me reach a place where I feel very good about myself. This summer I knew I was ready to come back.

On August 31, I threw some stuff into my car (it was sort of like choosing six items to take to a desert island) and here I am. I haven't found a job yet but I have found a flock of flamencos who need some grantwriting done. It is the cheap rate but they are fun people.

According to that report I went from good to worse BUT for me I did just the opposite.