Hello Card  -  Volume 2  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Sun, Oct 16, 1988 5:44 PM

Whew! Am I doing this right? Oh, are you there?

Hello, I'm Stuart, computer novice, lover of Poetry, salads and turtles, currently employed as a Lectuerer at a State University in California, and currently overwhelmed with the sophistication of John's creation, this Archipelago magic carpet-like contraption. I'm rather dazed with John's computer magic (or so it seems to me).

Currently I'm bedridden with a rather ferocious cold. It's too bad, because outside is a beautiful fall day on the central coast of California, where I live, in a little red house on the southern end of Morro Bay, home to egrets, herons, willets, pelicans, plovers, racoons, possums, Turtles, and annoying litterers who leave their beer botles in the little forest/bird sanctuary across the road from us.

I hope to share with you all a few poems each issue, some by me, some by others, as well as other sundry contributions and responses along the way. I hope we'll all become good friends, both electronically through the computer and in person.