Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Holly Card Number 11  -  Wed, Jan 11, 1989 9:05 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 3, Larry Card Number 7 ("Gender Differentiation")...

Good point Larry.

We all fit into both categories at one time or another or in different situations.

You have triggered some thoughts on my Mormon experience. I grew up here in CA where most people had only heard rumors about us but really had no first hand knowledge so I could usually laugh off their ideas. Then I moved to Utah where I was in the majority and it was nice - for about six months. I found out that non-Mormons there had not only heard rumors but had first hand experience and I couldn't laugh off their comments anymore.

But another aspect of being in the majority was I didn't like the prejudices or assumptions people both in the majority and minority made about ME. I felt pressure to be a stereotype of the majority from both of the groups.

It also was hard to get the minority to let me "experience" them because of their prejudice and so I had to find ways to PROVE I was not stereotypical like taking up drinking and other "evil" stuff.

Now I have moved to where I am a minority and I am more comfortable with it because I feel more freedom to be myself. The assumption is that being part of the majority is easiest, I'm not so sure.