Printing Pelago

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Holly Card Number 14  -  Thu, Jan 12, 1989 7:43 PM

This is a response to volume 3, Holly Card Number 9 ("John - A question")...

I would like a hard copy of the Archipelago Help Manual, specifically, "What is Archipelago", "What We Hope to Accomplish", and the ponarv section (those aren't the exact titles but you know what I mean).

I tried to print from Hypercard but that didn't really work. I can only print what is on the screen, so do I have to print, scroll, print, scroll, etc.?

I have read your card on printing, again, I will paste into the scrapbook.

[Editor's note: just in case you have any problems I am including the help manual in MacWrite format.]