New Topic?

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Holly Card Number 21  -  Sat, Jan 14, 1989 11:07 AM

This is a response to volume 3, Stuart Card Number 2 ("Future of Pelago Response")...


I read back over this conversation. You made a comment I think is interesting and I would like to hear you expound a little more on it. You talked about creativity coming in two variations, technical and non-technical.

A non-technical creative, ponarv friend of mine believes that if a person is not creative then they cannot learn it. Do you agree? Can a non-technical creative person learn technical creativity?

Does it have to do with the survey we took, does it have to do with personality types being able to handle the process? To be creative you have to be able to think up new ideas that seem crazy and illogical and some personalities are more comfortable with this process.

I am presently working in the engineering department of Radius, they make large screens and other stuff for the Mac. There is a joke within the company about the engineers being weird and I believe that "weirdness" is linked to their ability to perform their jobs which are creative.

I believe that some degree of creativity can be taught but there seems to be a sort of creativity quotient, a CQ like IQ. Have you encountered any of these creativity classes in your professional experience?