It's True

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Larry Card Number 3  -  Fri, Dec 30, 1988 12:35 AM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 3, John Card Number 18 ("Strange Encounters")...

Yes, it's true (I guess you got our Christmas card). I received a call from Holly inviting Diane and me to her home for Chinese take-out (a pre-Christmas and post-birthday celebration for Holly). John, you would have thought that you had died and gone to heaven. A table full of small white cartons, and each containing a delectable Chinese dish (It seemed as if the entire menu of the restaurant was represented). It was all topped off by a beautiful and delicious pastry concoction from a local Portuguese bakery.

After extensive eating, we adjourned to a Mac to demonstrate the wonders of Archipelago to others at the gathering.

We had a wonderful time -- excellent company, great food, and an example of the small world phenomenon (one of the women at the party teaches in the same school district as Diane). I would like to again thank Holly and her housemates for inviting us -- I hope that we will get together again soon. As a matter of fact, we discussed the possibility of a gathering of West Coast ponarvians.

By the way -- if you're listening Holly -- was the name Holly given because of the proximity of your birthday to Christmas? The connection just now came to me.