Darwin And Finch

Extra Toes

Darwin and Finch acquired us in May, 1997 when they were ten weeks old. They were two brothers from a litter of seven, born in a field. Darwin is a mutant and has opposable thumbs. When we first brought them home, each was small enough to stand in the palm of my hand.

A cat the size of a beaver? Believe it!

Eight years later, these cats are so big that when we take them to the vet, they have to be weighed in the dog scale.


Darwin and Finch have entirely different personalities. Darwin is so gentle he once sat still while Sarah counted to a hundred on his head with a toy hammer. Finch is the rascal. Every night he prowls the neighborhood while Darwin looks on from the window. And if Sarah gets too rough, he'll give her a little swat (though he is careful to keep his claws retracted).

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