Genetic History

The Genetic History of John Frederick Cartan is based on a report I received from the National Geographic Genegraphic Project.

Ancestor Timeline

A timeline and ahnentafel chart with dates and information about my ancestors. One branch extends back twenty generations.

Cartan Family Tree 1999

A photographic family tree of my immediate family on my father's side. This is but part of a larger tree described in the genealogy which follows.

Descendants of R. P. Cartan

A genealogy tracing the descendants of my great-great-grandparents, Roger Peter Cartan and Phoebe Calista Dresser. The tree is divided into three major branches, the Cartan Branch, the Axline Branch, and the Ellis Branch.

A Fine Education

A newspaper article from 1839 mentioning my great great grandfather, Roger Peter Cartan, who despite a humble background recieved a fine education.

A Love Letter

A letter from my great great grandfather, Roger Peter Cartan, to his future wife, Phoebe Calista Dresser, written six months before their marriage.

The Road to the Cemetary

A monologue based on a recording of my mother's mother, Eva Harrison, made as she walked through the ghost-town she grew up in.

Civil War Diary

A diary kept by my great great grandfather, Clinton Hogue, from May 3rd through June 22, 1864. Clinton served in the Iron Brigade, participated in many of the most famous battles of the Civil War, and was twice wounded.

Civil War Reflections

Harvey Hogue, the brother of my great great grandfather, Clinton Hogue, published this Civil War memoir in 1900. Part One describes his family background, his induction into the Union Army, and several fascinating adventures during his first few years of service. Part Two describes his capture by Confederate forces, his shipment to Andersonville, and his harrowing escape.

Harold's War

My uncle, Harold Harrison, served as a paratrooper in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the famed 101st Airborne in the final months of World War II. His vivid account of his World War II adventures was taken from a video my sister conducted during his final years. We asked only a few simple questions and let the stories unfold.

Frederick Owen Cartan

My father's obituary traces the outline of his life and includes a picture of him as a young father on one of his many hiking trips.

Dog Tales

My father's final legacy was a curious collection of stories, six folk tales, a mystery, and a gothic novel, in which all the characters are dogs.

One-Room Schoolhouse

Gloria Cartan's One-Room Schoolhouse is an interview with my mother about her fascinating education in a Montana school.

Great Expectations

A newspaper article published in 1979 forever stamped me as a boy with great expectations. In the years since it has become part of my personal history.

Scenes From A Wedding

In this letter to some friends, I describe various events which occurred during the weekend of my wedding, May 24, 1992 in South Bend, Indiana.

Sarah Irene Cartan

A family album of our daughter. Check here for all the latest photos.