About Hello Cards

Voice Card  -  Volume 0  -  John Card Number 5  -  Wed, Jul 6, 1988 8:55 PM

Although your Hello Card is always arranged as the first voice card in the group of cards you contribute to each volume, it should probably be the last card that you create. The Hello Card contains your opening message to the other members and is your opportunity to summarize the rest of your contributions. Even if (heaven forbid!) you make no other voice cards or contributions, at the very least you should create a Hello card and, well, say "Hello!"

Hello Cards are linked to the member icons which appear in the main screen of Archipelago. Thus, anyone in the group can jump directly to your opening message by pressing your icon button. The icon on the main screen will not turn dark until its corresponding Hello Card has been examined.

The Hello Card looks very much like an ordinary voice card, except that it has no RESPOND or NEW CARD buttons, and displays a Hello Card logo in place of the twelve reply boxes.

Hello Cards cannot be created from within the latest voice volume as other voice cards are. Instead, you must press the MAKE CONTRIBUTION button on the Archipelago Main Screen and then select "PROVIDE NEW OPENING MESSAGE." A blank Hello Card will be automatically inserted at the front of your "My Contributions" transit stack. Simply type in your message and then push the Archipelago button or, if you wish to return to the current voice stack, push any one of the three browsing arrows. If you ever need to make changes to an existing Hello Card, repeat the above procedure; when you select "PROVIDE NEW OPENING MESSAGE," the computer will open the transit stack and display the existing card.

A good habit is to press the checklist button on the Main Screen just before you return your mailer. If you have provided an opening message, the last item on the checklist will be checked off (and the MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS button on the Main Screen will be darkened as well).