Hello Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 0  -  Fri, July 1, 1988 8:29 PM

Welcome to Archipelago! You are looking at a "hello card" which is what each member uses to provide an opening message. Since this is the first issue, I have written a VERY brief biographical introduction for each member; you can read these by clicking on the member icons at the top of the main screen (you can return to the main screen by pressing the Archipelago button in the lower left-hand corner of this card).

For those of you who don't know me, my name is John Cartan and I live in a charming little house near the Continental Divide above Helena, Montana. I am a rabid Macintosh enthusiast and an even more rabid HyperCard booster (or "stackhead" as we are called). I am also a writer, a reader, and an amateur mathematician. I like cats, Oriental food, and getting lost (in mazes).

This Archipelago business will take a little getting used to. I suggest that you begin by browsing the help manual (just click the Help! button on the main screen). The help manual includes a discussion of what Archipelago is and what we hope to accomplish.

This hello card is actually a special kind of "voice card" and at this very moment you are inside voice card stack volume one; volume zero (which can be reached by pushing the Echoes button on the main screen) is entirely devoted to explaining what voice cards are and how they work. You should probably leaf through volume zero before you examine volume one.

Other than that, I suggest that you just start pushing buttons in any order and see what happens. Be sure to install the new book review into your permanent collection. Good luck! Have Fun! And in case something goes wrong or major confusion sets in, give me a call day or night!