Dick Dares to Love!

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  John Card Number 12  -  Tue, Feb 13, 1990 01:36 AM

This is a response to Vol 12 Suzanne 4 ("More Dick and Jane")...


My first reaction to your card was to admire your wisdom. "By God she's right!" I said to myself. But on second thought, I think I owe it to Dick to stick up for him just a little bit longer.

OK, so Dick's also afraid of commitment. What sane person isn't? A serious commitment is a big thing. It involves serious sacrifices and the reshaping of a big hunk of your life, maybe a VERY big hunk. We're talking change, which means pain, which means fear.

But, hang it all, Dick is at least willing to take a chance. He's willing to give it a try. If Jane called his bluff he would not back down! And don't think he's going to hang around Jane forever! Dick's motto is "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again; then give up." He will eventually leave Jane, and after he's gone Jane may complain that he gave up too soon.

In the timeless dialog between man and woman, it is the man who says "Come on! Life is too short not to take a few chances! Take a chance on me!" Of course Jane can get pregnant and Dick can't, so perhaps Jane has more at stake. I can see both sides. And who knows what tomorrow will bring?

But TODAY Dick is ready to take a chance! At least give him credit for that!