I'm stumped

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  John Card Number 17  -  Sat, Feb 17, 1990 01:18 AM

This is a response to Vol 12 Paul 11 ("Found One!")...


I have no doubt that SOMETHING strange happened to you last time, because one of your errant voice template cards jammed the gears of my harvester. But I haven't been able to figure out what went wrong.

I went over the code with a fine tooth comb and tried creating new cards from the transit stack under every situation I could think of, but nothing ever went wrong for me. Can you get it to happen again? When these bogus templates appeared, were there any error messages or anything else unusual? Is it possible that the little dance you do with Holly had anything to do with this?

In other words, I'm stumped. Keep me posted.