From My Dream Journal

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  John Card Number 2  -  Wed, Feb 7, 1990 07:03 PM

This is a response to Vol 11 John 2 ("Dream Insights")...

The following is a dream I had some years ago that had such a colorful, phosporescent quality that I still think about it. I recorded it by first jotting down scene titles and then filling in a paragraph under each title:

Lying in bed listening to R and the gang in the kitchen:

A and I in the same bed. When midnight kitchen conference finally breaks up, A comes into room, pretends to be annoyed that we are forced to share the same bed. She crawls in at opposite end (her head near my feet) and teases me about the possibily of accidentally touching in the night - just a lighthearted jest, but with a plaintive undercurrent and an invitation for me to make some opening move.

A driving:

A's idea for compass (currently her car only automatically wipes her windshield when heading north; should be possible to make computerized compass which will trigger wiper for any direction).

Radar detector:

I hear chirping sound, just radar detector, no cops in sight, winding mountain road, then cops everywhere, an accident?

Stopped by workman:

Man in hardhat explains that the president of the enormous electronics corporation (whose compound we were about to enter) has died of a corronary. Just before, he was struggling with a computer; as he lay dying he claimed he had had a mystical conversation with the computer.

Pocketsnatching ($20) and flamboyant recovery ($10):

The man then reaches through the car window and pulls a twenty dollar bill from the pocket of my red parka. I catch his wrist and quickly retrieve the twenty and replace it with a ten from my wallet. "A little tip," I say, with a flamboyant wave of my hand. A is impressed and I playfully steal her twenty dollar bill (R had given one to each of us). A is going to drive me home, but we stop at her house on the way.

Stopping at A's house:

Just a glimpse at very colorful and wildly decorated living room. I am on guard for attempted seduction.

A's bedroom:

Walls lined floor to ceiling with books. Initially huge bed, then small with a quaint wooden endboard. The bed is surrounded on three sides by small bare trees only just starting to bear fruit. I say that I've always wanted a bed surrounded by trees, but wonder about insects. I tell her that once I had an aphid infestation in one of my bed trees.

Yellow spider in A's eyebrow:

A large, furry, bright yellow spider emerges from A's left eyebrow, I start to brush it away in disgust, but A tells me it's her pet. Things as small as mice are OK for pets, I think, but not spiders. The spider strolls away like a cat.

Interrupted by Wulf:

A is just pulling down a book from the shelf when suddenly a man with dark hair and dark countenance boldly steps between us. I am startled and feel a strange tingling at the back of my neck. I ponder that the reason I was so startled was that I had assummed A and I were completely alone and had "let down my guard." A, clearly annoyed that her former boyfriend is trying to interrupt her seduction, engages in a conversation with Wulf in another part of the room. He leaves.

I realize that A is seven feet tall:

As A is chattering away about some book on her shelf I am wondering to myself what Wulf (and the other men in A's past) see in her. I then notice for the first time how tall she is. In fact she is at least seven feet tall. Perhaps it is the novelty of making love with someone larger...

Love scene:

She finally asks, with a vulnerable shyness, if I want to go to bed, and to my surprise I say yes. I lay on top of her, pulling up her nightgown, probing and stroking with my fingers while she makes cooing sounds.

I catch a glimpse of the ocean:

The initial glimpse is of a vast, nearly black expanse of water with flickers of whitecaps. Then I am standing on the beach in a secluded little cove just across the highway from A's house. I marvel that she has everything here: mountains, trees, ocean.

The beach, beautiful leaping fish:

The ocean is teeming with beautiful, phosphorescent leaping fish. The waves rise and fall and I wonder whether the tide is coming in or going out.

Sitting on rock, tide coming in, throwing fish at enormous crocodile:

As I find a seat on a rock I spy an enormous crocodile just a few yards away. As I seem to have several large phosphoresent fish in my hand, I playfully begin to toss them like sticks and the crocodile jumps at them with a mighty snap. At this point I become concerned because the water is rising, the rock is slippery, and the crocodile is hungry.