The Wolf King. . .

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  Stuart Card Number 3  -  Mon, Feb 5, 1990 10:01 PM

Here is another poem in voice card format, in expectation of John's changes in Archipelago 2.0.

This poem is called "How the Wolf Became King: The Aged Genii Continues His Tale." You'll recall from an earlier sonnet that the Duchess of Moisture routed the Geniis, who took refuge in a stand of grapes. The grapes then turned purple with shame at having to shelter such cowards. This poem tells what happens next in this particular narrative thread.

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"A wolf gazed at the bloodied city of grape
When its gates opened, and geniis jumped from the seedling
Onto his back; after fighting the bees in their swirling cave
Of honey, after hiding from the stars' hiss, sacking
The mountains of daggers braised in moonlight, that lured
Them to an ocean where the Dolphin's Citadel of Pearl
Approached, the wolf grew powerful and learned
Like a lord; draped in human skins he ruled
In pity, for he had a beast's heart; and he had a beast's pride,
For he ruled with magic; he swam into the air,
And he brought this breath; he found Death's city in the underside
Of the grass and the roots, and he smuggled your sleep; from there,
That west horizon, he found the sun's bedroom; and from the popes
And Rabbis who peeked inside, he saw what follows,
which came to pass. . ."