I Work Outside the Home

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Drury Card Number 2  -  Wed, Jul 3, 1991 9:12 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to VC 20 Roger 2 ("HouseWork")...

1. Vacuuming Rugs-main traffic area (4) weekly.

2. Vacuuming Rugs- obscure areas (5) biweekly. I have a nifty new vacuum cleaner-it can suck up whole cats!

3. Washing dishes (assuming no dishwasher and 3 days supply of dishes). (9) Never (or under protest). You must be kidding about the no dishwasher. In this situation I would buy new dishes!

4. Cleaning Toilets & Sinks (8) only when guests are coming and usually someone else gets that job.

5. Washing clothes, assuming a two week supply. (4) weekly. Again, I have a nifty, new washing machine and dryer! Doing the clothes is a snap. Also, anything that even looks like it may need an iron, gets sent to the dry cleaners.

6. Changing bedsheets (5) biweekly. I like the scent and feel of fresh, clean bedsheets!

7. Washing Woodwork (9) Never (or under protest). I'm not even sure I know what "woodwork" is, but if it has anything to do with dust, the answer is the same.

8. Washing Windows (9) Never (or under protest). Are you kidding!?!? Windows?!?! Don't you people have curtains?

9. Washing the Car (7) yearly. This gets done everytime I take my little car in for her check-up.

10. Washing Towels and faceclothes (4) weekly. See number 5.

11. Washing Kitchen Floor (9) Never (or under protest). We own a dog.

12. Sweeping the Kitchen Floor (8) only when guests are coming Because I usually put the dog outside when we have guests.

I believe this gives me a 6.75 which translated to the 1-10 scale ranks me a 3.25. Not much better than that hermit, who has to live in his house 24 hours a day!