The Wrong Computer

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  John Card Number 17  -  Mon, Sep 23, 1991 3:52 PM

This is a response to VC 20 Roger 1 ("Mystery")...

[Editor's note: Last time we had FOUR superb responses to our gargoyle murder mystery, but this time no one bothered to continue the saga. To keep this excellent project alive I decided to respond to one of the four - and it was a difficult choice to make. I borrowed a sentence from Drury's wonderful catfight card and then tied into Roger's plot line. I hope some of you will respond to THIS installment. Remember: try not to spend more than five minutes... ]

"Hmmm. Nice computer," said Gridlock, admiring the sleek lines of the Mac IIci. Mrs. Frobisher turned away from the window and quickly stepped between the Inspector and the computer.

"Uh, Yes! My husband always went first class. We both just love the Mac."

"Mind if I have a look at it?

"Mrs. Frobisher paused for only a moment. "Of course, inspector. I'll, uh, turn it on for you. If you type 'B:' at the prompt and do a directory, you should be able to see what my husband was working on." She fumbled around behind the machine, looking for an on switch.

"I believe you can turn this model on from the keyboard." Gridlock tapped a key and the Mac sprang to life. Mrs. Frobisher seemed surprised.

"That's SOME startup screen you have there, Ma'm!" Gridlock, Mrs. Frobisher, and the maid (Babette), all gathered 'round the screen. Before them was a color photograph of a blonde, tanned, extremely muscular man. Babette turned white as a sheet and gasped "Chips!" Mrs. Frobisher turned back to the window.

Gridlock once again pulled out his Inspector's Notebook and Scripto. "Babette - Chips. Possible Connection," he wrote. "Mrs. F - DOS brain. Why Mac?" He studied the folders on the friendly Mac Finder Desktop with interest.

But before he could so much as double-click, the door burst open and two people entered. There was Lou Ann Gleason, dressed in a tight green jump suit and shaking the rain out of her long, gorgeous red mane. Standing next to her was a short, impeccably dressed man with white hair and burning black eyes: Professor Italo Gambini.

"Babette," purred Lou Ann, "I'm surprised to see YOU here." The two women stared at each other with what seemed to be genuine hatred.

Professor Gambini looked around the room frantically and then focused his attention on his former student.

"Gridlock! You bungler! Stop playing with that computer! We've got work to do!"