Notebook Patch

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  John Card Number 19  -  Tue, Oct 1, 1991 2:24 PM

This is a response to VC 21 Roger 5 ("Bug in Archepelago")...


I was aware of this problem with the notebook stack, but I've been slow to fix it for three reasons.

First, I have been meaning to completely redo the notebook at some future time.

Second, I didn't really think anyone was using it. I was surprised to hear that you were. How about the rest of you guys? Is anyone else using the Pelago Notebook these days?

Third, and most important, this particular stack is a bit tricky to fix. Normally I would just fix the problem and re-release the stack. But each member's notebook stack could be chocked full of personal stuff and if I just replace the stack with an updated version, all that stuff would be lost.

The solution? A patch! Actually, Roger, your diagnosis and treatment of the problem were right on target. All we need to do is change the word "voices" to "index" in the button script. Unfortunately, there is a different "Jump to Voice" button for each of the four notebook backgrounds. And the changes I've made this issue require even more changes, a total of 12 alterations altogether.

Rather than ask each member to make these changes on his or her own, I have created an automatic PATCH button (located in the spot usually reserved for Reply 9). Just push this button and watch as all the changes are made for you!

I hope this thing works. It's always a bit tricky trying to modify other programs by remote control. I am assuming that you all still have your Pelago Notebook stack and that it has been converted to HyperCard 2.0. Even if something goes wrong, I don't think too much harm will be done.

Give it a try and let me know if this patch button did the job for you!