Hello Card  -  Volume 21  -  Robert Card Number 0  -  Wed, Sep 11, 1991 7:36 PM

You probably have heard this song before, but what can I say?

Sorry to be so late.

John, congratulations on the move to the coast, hope that it will suit you.

Things around here have been rather hellish for the last month or so. It would seem that all of my clients have decided to have hardware or software problems if not at the same time at least in rapid succession.

This is naturally wonderful for the bank account, but it plays hell on ones personal life. What can I say, the life of a mac consultant is either feast or famine. Needless to say I am taking advantage of the temporary feast.

The only person that seems to have benefited by my tardiness is Paul. He wanted to add a couple of cards to his stack and I am sure has managed to get them to John over America Online.

I will try to surprise you next time, as far as the arrival time.