Food and Such

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Roger Card Number 3  -  Mon, Sep 9, 1991 12:58 AM


It looks like I am coming around to your general type of diet.

A few months ago, the Doctor, reading my blood pressure, wanted me to start taking some gawd-offal blood pressure medicine. (I don't like to take medicine) so I started reducing so that this would eliminate the need for the pills. The usual diet didn't seem to do much and I had to get onto 0 salt and no hard fat and about 15% fat calory diet. And it is working. I've dropped at least 10 points on either end of the scale and am in the acceptably normal range.

Getting back to the point, I looks like I have to give up cheese and lots of milk products which taste so great. And my thoughts are "Is health really worth it" You are lucky, never having developed a taste for all that delicious cheesy fat.