My favorite

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Stuart Card Number 8  -  Sun, Aug 4, 1991 8:23 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 20 John 3 ("I Fall in Love")...

And that, my dear boy, is my most favorite voice card of all time. Truly lovely. And I love Betsy's photo, too. To quote the angel in It's a Wonderful Life: "That's a good face; I like that face!"

May you both have all the blessing and happiness you can stand, not to mention all the Mexican and Chinese food you can gobble up, too. As we Jews say, "Kenoherra" (that's a rough phonetic translation; it sounds approximately like "Ken O'hara"), and it means, "may you be happy forever and for all time."

Deepest, warmest, best wishes, Mr. Juan Cartan, Deepest best wishes.