Book Card  -  Volume 23  -  Book Review Number 1  -  Sat, Jan 4, 1992 3:02 PM

TITLE: The Cat Who Went to Paris
AUTHOR: Peter Gethers
PUBLISHER: Crown Publishers, Inc.

I am "feline fine" today . These are some catty contributions I have been making today!

The book is a good plus. I am not sure why I am not rating it an excellent. I think it was the writer's style that didn't "set me on fire."

The subject matter was WONDERFUL! This man changed from a dog-lover to a feline aficionado with the simple introduction to a Scottish Fold kitty. The cat, Norton, shows the writer the errors in his thinking about cats. Cats are wonderful creatures. They are intelligent, loving yet not clinging, self-sufficient, extraordinarily clean, expressive, easy to travel with, and well, just darn wonderful! Mr. Gethers travels with Norton across the United States and to Europe, through relationships, and into many amusing situations. I think what appeals to me about the book is that just about ANY kitty could be Norton. Most cat-kept people have stories similar to Norton's.

I also find it amusing that my mother gave me this book for Christmas. She knows I love cats (a trait that did not develop until I left home). She is one of those cat-hating, dog-only type people. I know she did not read the book!