Good simple food

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Roger Card Number 3  -  Fri, Feb 28, 1992 7:00 PM

Of those people I know, most have two or three simple and good recipes for a dinner meal. Things that can be easily put together to make a supper.

For example, I make a chicken breasts baked in mushroom soup with mustard. I serve it with boiled potatoes and a tossed salad.

The recipe is simple. You just get a package of chicken breasts (in the area of 1/2 lb per person) and dump them into a baking dish. Get a can of mushroom soup and add a large tablespoon of good mustard, mix it together and pour over the chicken. Then bake for about an hour and a quarter at 375.

Meanwhile, put three or four cut up potatoes in a pan of water and boil for about half an hour. The mushroom soup becomes a gravy for the potatoes. That's it. A simple but good recipe for an easy dinner.

Rose Anne has an easy one for french bread pizza. Betsy has a nice one of rolled up chicken or turkey in a tortilla and covered with chile. John makes a chung-pow chicken with rice.

Most of us seem to have one or two of these easy dinner dishes. I am wondering what the rest of you do when you make a normal weekly dinner meal?