Voice Card  -  Volume 26  -  John Card Number 2  -  Mon, Dec 7, 1992 11:24 AM

You Oxford English Dictionary fans out there will be glad to hear that an electronic version has just been released for the PC and will be available for the Mac by April.

The CD-ROM includes all 60 million words of the original, and is searchable by word, by the quotations from which the meanings of the words are derived, by the authors of those quotations, by definitions, and by etymology. The project took six years to complete and cost the Oxford University Press a reported 30 million pounds. The task of re-keyboarding the text occupied 120 typysts for 18 months.

Many other exciting CD-ROM publications are finally beginning to appear. Stuart might be interested in "Poetry in Motion," in which 24 poets such as Allen Ginsberg, Jayne Cortez, and Tom Waits whisper, scream, sing, and act out their own poetry.

The poets' performances are accompanied by the text of the piece plus, in some cases, excerpts of interviews with the poets. The poets and their work are easily accessed from the opening screen by double-clicking on their names.

To read this new media, you need a color Mac with at least 4 mbytes of RAM, System 6.0.7 or higher, and a quicktime-compatible CD-ROM drive.