Hello Card  -  Volume 27  -  Larry Card Number 0  -  Wed, Jan 27, 1993 11:17 PM

The last month or so has been a very busy time in our household. Christmas saw Diane's mother and her mother's husband visiting us. After a pleasant X-mas we all spent a few days in San Diego at Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, and the San Diego Zoo. Although the weather wasn't completely cooperative (but we do need the wonderful rain) we had a nice time.

I week or so after that, I had to go to Washington D.C. for a week of Head Start evaluation meetings. Diane and Kristin managed to come along with me. Again the weather wasn't very cooperative (cold and rainy), but we did manage to spend a little time on the National Mall watching the preparations for the inauguration which were to come the subsequent week. Diane and Kristin also visited the National Zoo (Kristin got a T-shirt of Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing - sure to become a collector's item with the recent death of Ling-Ling). And through the wonders of computerized photography, Kristin got her picture taken with Bill and Hillary.

Unfortunately, I managed to injure my back somehow. So I spent most of my work day in pain while sitting through meetings, and most of my evenings in the whirlpool at the hotel.

We then stopped by to see my parents on our way home. We planned it as a surprise visit - and pulled it off. My mother was very excited to see Kristin.

Now, we're all back into our normal routine - and I'm anxious to start another wonderful year in Archipelago. Welcome all to 1993.