Paul's ticking

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Holly Card Number 3  -  Tue, Apr 19, 1994 14:30

This is a response to VC 31 John 9 ("The Paul Puzzle")...

In the last Archipelago issue I was left wondering if I had missed something. I was confused as to where all this Paul stuff came from, I didn't realize Suzanne was making a study SO I followed the tree back and as near as I can tell this all started when Paul dumped a bunch of words written by someone else into voice cards.

I still don't understand how we got here from there but oh well...

Actually the fact is the question is the answer... We never could figure Paul out. For instance:

A friend of mine who Paul supervised gave him a gift of placemats from William Sonoma. She says that he never thanked her. She was the first one at his house after the fire and went inside and there fried on the table were the placemats. She said something like, "Here I don't think he appreciated them and there they are, he used them!"

Another for instance: In volume 31 Paul has a card that says he is always ready to party. The company where we worked had a big party group which Paul was in before I was part of it. The first party I went to he sat by himself and didn't say anything to anyone. The next day at work he was telling everyone what a great time he had. I hate to admit it but from then on after the parties we'd say, "Well I don't know about anyone else but Paul had a great time!"

When I worked with him Paul was extremely quiet and he was very hard to read, he can like something without ever disclosing the fact. He has a great, dry sense of humor, he cooks deliciously, he is a fine fellow but we never knew what he was thinking.

I have known Paul for 10 years, we share the same friends, we share many experiences, he came to my wedding, he gave me a wonderful photograph for my wedding but I honestly didn't know we were friends until summer 92. We went to Utah on vacation. I got in touch with alot of people but I decided not to contact Paul because we stay in touch via Archipelago and a few phone calls, mainly me needing computer help. One day at my mom's he called me - I was pleasantly stunned, I just didn't know we were friends.

I probably could go on about some women in Paul's life but I will leave that to Paul.

To be asking the question means you know Paul pretty darn well.