Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  John Card Number 19  -  Mon, Jul 25, 1994 2:23 AM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 32 Suzanne 1 ("Dark Side Saga")...

Dear Suzanne:

I've said it in person, but I will say it again here. Please accept our deepest condolences on the death of your father. If there is anything at all any of us can do to help at any time in the months ahead, you have only to ask.

You are a very tough customer, Suzanne, and in our all-too-brief conversations and in your remarkable voice cards, you have borne this change bravely and with typical determination. Even now, you provide the strong shoulder for others to lean on.

The fascination for those of us who love you, however, lies more with the girl inside the woman, the mischeivious and wondering child we glimpse in you. To that child I say welcome! We are proud to be your friends. You have lost a parent but you will never be alone.