The Envelope Please

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  John Card Number 5  -  Fri, Jun 24, 1994 1:08 AM

This is ONE OF 5 responses to VC 31 John 18 ("The Golden Seagull")...

My three favorite cards of 93: Always a knuckle-biter. The winners are...

In the Literature Category:

  • Stuart's splendid conclusion to his epic Bestiary. See VC 28 Stuart 4.
  • Paul's brilliant (if somewhat guano-ridden) continuation of the Birdwoman Saga. See VC 28 Paul 7.
In the Confessionals Category: Best Action/Crime Stories: Best Roommate Stories: And, last but not least...

Most mischievous:

This year's coveted Best Title goes to...

STUART for his "Shamrocks and Grocery Boys" (which, incidentally, had nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of his card).

Honorable Mention goes to Janine for her "Book 'em Danno!" and Holly for "If You Was Woz."

OK, OK. So I couldn't pick just three. But what can I say? It was another bumper crop! Congratulations to readers and writers alike!