Karnak rises from the dead

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Paul Card Number 4  -  Mon, May 30, 1994 9:49 PM

This is a response to VC 31 Suzanne 6 ("Revelations")...

A brief recap: three issues ago, Suzanne encouraged me to ask some deep philosophical questions; two issues ago I declined, but suggested she send some deep philosophical answers, for which I would supply the questions; and last issue she responded with:

"An answer to a philosophical question: It's what everyone agrees upon."

This is too good to be missed. I need to fill in a question to complete the loop, and the question is:

Well, what is the question? Suzanne has craftily devised an answer that won't do for any ordinary question. "Is there a God?" "Will I find happiness?" "What is the meaning of life?" None of these quite fit the designated answer. I'm not sure that I can formulate a decent philosophical question that fits the bill (In fact, the "everyone" clause makes this a deucedly difficult proposition). Can any of you other Archipelagans help out?


Elsewhere in the same thread, Suzanne makes the mistaken assumption that my parents are actively pressuring me to get married and start a family. On a previous voice card I believe I applied the phrase "uneasy truce" to this subject, and that continues to be an accurate description of the situation. Years ago my mother did literally offer a "reward" to any family member who could get me a (suitable?) girlfriend. I don't believe anyone collected...

As far as I know, that reward offer has expired. But now that I'm unemployed, pressure is suddenly being exerted in a different area: Mom wants me to move back to Seattle. I have one sister in the area, and she's got instructions to find me a job. And last week I got a call from my parents with a hot job lead. This may not sound unusual, but you need to understand that my parents call me about once a year, on my birthday.