I'm at 6's and 7's

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Stuart Card Number 13  -  Mon, May 30, 1994 9:54 AM

Dear Archipelago computer gods and goddesses:

Here's a question for you computer types out there: The computer I have in my house (the one I use for Archipelago) is a MAC SE, upgraded to 4 megs of Ram and around 80 megs of memory. I currently use System 6.05.

I'm wondering if I should upgrade my operating system to System 7.1 (or is 7.1 version 3 the latest?) The obvious answer might be "yes," yes?

However, my reasoning for questioning the obvious is as follows: The computer I use at school is a MAC LC (68020 coprocessor), with 4 megs of ram. It uses System 7.0 (or had until recently when it was upgraded to 7.13 or whatever the latest incarnation of System 7 is). System 7 at whatever level, I've discovered, uses quite a bit more RAM power than system 6. So much more that when I try to use ram hogging applications like desktop publishing stuff, the computer conks out, says its conga line is too long, too many little ram meisters are being used, or something to that effect.

So what to do? Stay in the computer dark ages with old reliable System 6.05 on my SE (where I mainly only do word processing and hypertext - i.e., Archipelago - applications, but can't participate in some of the more nifty things in the computer world), or move up to the 90's with System 7? Help me O computer gods and goddesses!

--- Your trusty mortal