Angel Rebirth?

Voice Card  -  Volume 32  -  Stuart Card Number 4  -  Sat, May 28, 1994 11:10 PM

This is a response to VC 31 Paul 5 ("Angel death")...

Paul, how sweet of you to keep calling to try to order An Angel Ardently Ached To Know. But you are right, Logan Elm Press, in its previous incarnation will not be publishing the book. Here's the story:

Last October, as part of its "restructuring," the Ohio State University, the institutional sponsor of Logan Elm Press, announced that they were going to close up the press effective April 30, 1994. It was all done for petty financial and public relations motives, and, as the novelist Russell Banks put it, "They didn't even know enough to feel ashamed about this decision" to close what is widely considered the finest fine arts publisher in the country.

Anyway, one of the two guys who runs (ran ) the press, Bob Tauber, immediately set out to find a new home for it. There were many irons in the fire. The most promising for a while was Dickinson College, but that fell through. As of this writing, to my knowledge, Bob is still looking for a job, any arts related job - he is not longer focusing solely on finding another domicile for the press.

The other person who worked at the press, Russ McKnight, has found another job - in video production. But he is builiding a structure in his back yard to house a press, and says that he would like to print the fine arts edition of the book himself. You following so far?

Meanwhile, in January, as I had planned for some time, I began sending query letters (along with sample poems and illustrations) to commercial publishers to see if they would be interested in publishing a facsimile reprint of the book. As of this writing, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., one of the biggest Children's publishers, has shown some interest.

They asked for the whole manuscript. One of their senior editors and Vice President of Art & Design has pronounced the book delightful and will present the book to an editorial board in early June to see if they would like to print it, facsimile reprint or not (Of course, if Harry N. Abrams, Inc., or some other commerical house publishes the book, the cost to you will be considerably less than if you bought the fine arts version, though it won't look quite so beautiful).

So that's the story. The angel ain't dead yet. I myself feel circumspect about this whole thing. If Harry N. Abrams, or Russ McKnight doesn't publish it, someone else will. But hopefully, you'll be able to get a copy sooner, rather than later. Thanks again for you interest.