About the Island Quiz

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 12  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 3:57 PM

The Desert Island Quiz was originally Paul's idea and over time has taken on a life of its own. Currently, the stack which comes with Archipelago is a sort of database that stores people's top six preferences in six different categories (six favorite books, films, songs, famous people, delicacies, and personal possessions). It also stores the age and sex of each "castaway" for future analysis and can print blank questionnaires and instruction sheets for the computerless masses. The quiz is strangely compelling and a good ice breaker - PLEASE fill one out right away and push the contribute button (on the main screen of the island stack) so that soon we can visit every island in the Archipelago.

Paul and I view the Island Quiz as an ongoing project and we hope that it will continue to evolve. As a first step, I would like to gather as many responses as possible and over the next few months all of you can help in two ways. First, prod and cajole friends and spouses into taking the quiz (I think you will be surprised at some of their responses) and contribute the responses to the group archive. Second, pass around the Quiz stack itself; it contains a message with my name and address so that other people can participate.

The quiz has already provided thought provoking entertainment both inside and outside the group. Paul, Holly, Dionne, and I, along with honorary Archipelagoans Jim, Jo, and Sasha, have already participated in the first annual Desert Island Dinner. Everyone brought delicacies from their islands and afterwards we sat around and talked about our choices. A good time was had by all!

I hope the quiz will also provoke an on-going voice card discussion. If you come across unfamiliar songs, books, or films on the islands of other members, send a card and ask for more details. Castaways can add comment boxes to each choice and all such modifications will be automatically distributed throughout Archipelago by pushing the contribute button.

Also please send cards discussing other possible categories and new ideas for related projects. The desert island metaphor can provide the backdrop for a lot of interesting thought experiments and social interactions. Eventually I hope to create a much more complex desert island stack and to accumulate all sorts of information about each member of the group.