Suggestion Box

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 22  -  Wed, Aug 31, 1988 5:06 AM

Archipelago is an experiment and this opening issue is only the first stage in the evolution of a whole system of communication. Nothing is fixed; everything is changeable. And as a veteran programmer I know that there's always one more bug.

So our first task as a group is to conduct a shakedown: find the flaws and do whatever we can to make the system more cozy. I am eager to hear your reactions (both positive and negative) as well as reports of any bugs or mysterious behaviour, and, well, suggestions. Save them all up and put them here, that is, push the respond button on this card. The next time around all of our suggestions will be linked to this card for easy reference.

Thanks again for agreeing to participate in this mad scheme. I can hardly wait to hear from you all!