Pelago 2.0 wishlist

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Paul Card Number 4  -  Sun, Oct 16, 1988 5:15 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 22 ("Suggestion Box")...

In that time-honored tradition of computer users, I suggest we compile a wish-list of items to be added (by John) to Archipelago. To start the ball rolling, I have a few suggestions:

  • It was very disconcerting, on entering my first voice card, to have it vanish into thin air (as I thought at the time). New voice cards should be automatically cataloged and should be viewable in the same fashion as older Voices/Echoes.
  • A DELETE button should be available on all new Voice/Echo cards. The first time I deleted an unsatisfactory card using the HyperCard menubar option I half-expected to break Archipelago. While I am pleased to report that this did NOT break anything, I feel that there are two issues which need addressing:
    • Users should not be expected to understand *anything* about HyperCard to perform common Archipelago functions.
    • Common Archipelago functions such as this should be readily available and self-documenting.

  • I managed to get several "about Paul and his Macintosh" cards on the transit stack. This should not be possible; the most recently contributed changes should supercede all others.
  • Clicking on the forward/reverse arrows of voice cards from the transit stack (as opposed to using the left- and right- cursor keys) should NOT send you back to the voice cards. This is awful! (Would anyone care to guess how many times I've inadvertently done this?)
  • It would be really nifty to have a utility which facilitated the entry of Voice cards in-between issues of Archipelago, i.e., most of the time.