God's Game

Book Card  -  Volume 2  -  Book Review Number 1  -  Wed, Oct 12, 1988 8:35 PM

TITLE: God's Game
AUTHOR: Andrew Greeley
PUBLISHER: Forge Books

Greeley's books usually have half-clad women on the covers and are found in the same section of the bookstores as Jaqueline Susan BUT I like them anyway.

Greeley is a Catholic priest who tries to teach through his novels. Its up to the reader whether or not he succeeds.

Am I getting religious on you? NO! Read on...

God's Game is about a computer game. A friend of the main character gives him an interactive fiction computer game that the friend has just written.

The main character loads the game into his computer and the pixel characters appear on his television-monitor. He has just begun playing when lightening hits his satellite dish and the charge travels through the system to the computer. After his initial shock (sorry) he examines the screen and the pixel characters have been replaced by "real" characters. He believes that he has been connected to an alternate reality.

The main character struggles with his godly power over these people who respond to his commands and pray to him. Greeley uses the situation to write about free choice versus fate, etc.

Greeley does some interesting things such as the alternate reality characters vising their god in his world. He thinks the visits are dreams until he finds two glasses in the sink and a discarded bikini on his deck, both items used by the alternates.

As a Mystery Fun House and Space Odyssey alumni I find it hard to believe that Greeley has played many of these games. He spent too much time dealing with the moral issues and not enough time playing the game.

It was a fun book and I do recommend it. However, the best part of the book is the premise and the possibilities it presents.