Archipelago response

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Holly Card Number 16  -  Fri, Oct 14, 1988 10:35 PM


In Henry James' THE GOLDEN BOWL the narrator says it is his hobby to stand back and observe people. This is very handy for a narrator.

Recently, I have noticed that I do this also and yesterday someone told me they found my quietness irritating. I don't mean to be irritating. I stand back and observe until I am ready to jump in at which time I can be so noisy and obnoxious that some people wish I'd go back to being quiet.

It is impossible to do that now. I can't observe you until I make my contributions.

(John, sometime it would be interesting to somehow chart the times we have worked on a volume and see if we have worked on it at the same times.)

As I wind up this Archipelago volume I am astounded to see that I have contributed more than a hello card. This has been fun and my roommates tell me I'm obssessed.

I thought I understood the Archipelago metaphor. During these past few days I understand it more. Somewhere out there are people who are going to read this and I know that but I really do feel like I am writing notes in bottles. The chances that someone will read them seems slim and the chances that anyone will respond seems slimmer. I know you are there but you all seem a little unreal right now.

I am fading and need to go to bed (I know its early for some of you). I hope to get this off tomorrow so I will quit making changes and I hope you are all forgiving of my errors.

Talk to you in a few weeks.