Holly's Suggestions

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  John Card Number 23  -  Fri, Nov 18, 1988 3:17 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 2, Holly Card Number 14 ("Response to Suggestion Box")...


I'll deal with your comments in reverse order.

You ask "How come I think I've done something but my checklist say's I haven't? There are three possibilities:

  1. There's a bug in the program. In fact there was such a bug and that's probably what you noticed, but it's fixed now and should function correctly from here on out.
  2. At some critical point you turned off the computer without exiting properly. The correct procedure for exiting Archipelago is to return to the main screen and then push the Quit button. This will ensure that the checklist is properly updated.
  3. Sometimes the checklist or the main screen buttons are not hilited because you haven't finished the operation. For example, the survey button does not go dark until you actually transmit your answers. Mr. Wizard does not go dark until you have endured the whole production. The voices button does not go dark until every card has been read. And so on.
You ask "Can I change the title of my cards?" As long as they are still inside the transit stack the answer is YES! Just click on the title. (This is a new feature.)

You wanted to know how to edit existing voice cards. If it's a matter of editing the text, just find the card and edit away. If you'd like to change it from a root card to a response, I'm afraid the procedure is a little trickier:

  1. Go to the card you wish to respond to and push the Respond button to create a new card.
  2. Go to your existing card and sweep over the text (turn it black). One easy way to do this is to click at the beginning and then shift-click at the end.
  3. Type command C to copy the text to the clipboard.
  4. Return to the newly created Response card, click at the top of the text field, and type command V to paste the text into the card.
  5. Either delete the original card or tack on a note telling me to ignore it. Don't worry about your card number. That will all be straigtened out at harvest time.
In other words, just make a new response card and copy the old text into it. I have to admit that this is a bit clumsy. If this continues to a problem for everyone I might be able to come up with an automatic procedure.