Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Larry Card Number 1  -  Fri, Oct 14, 1988 10:54 PM

This is ONE OF 5 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 9 ("Magazines")...

OOPs!! I shouldn't have used the same title for my response card (or should I?). Oh well, I'm sure our trusty editor will be able to restore order to any confusion that has been created.

[Editor's note: it's OK (although perhaps unwise) to use the same title for both source and response cards.]

The magazines and/or journals that Diane and I currently suscribe to are as follows:

  • American Educational Research Journal
  • Exceptional Children
  • The Reading Teacher
  • Teaching Exceptional Children
  • Educational Researcher
  • Reading Research Quarterly
  • The Stanford Magazine
  • Consumer Reports
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • U.S. News & World Report
You may have noticed that most of the above are related to education in some way. Obviously, that is not by accident, as both our careers are in the educational field.

The above listing also represents a subscription core. Diane especially likes to take advantage of offers by magazines that promise the first two or so issues free and then allow you to cancel. Therefore, at any given time we have magazines coming into our house other than the core.