Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 9  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 5:04 AM

It occurs to me that one of the benefits of belonging to a group like Archipelago is that we could each benefit from information uncovered by other members. And one excellent source of information is magazine subscriptions. I suspect that each one of us already subscribes to a different magazine.

I therefore propose that we develope the habit of passing along tid bits from magazines (and other sources). As a first step I think it would be helpful to form a list of all the magazines we subscribe to as a group. Currently, I subscribe to:

  • Scientific American
  • Science News
  • MacUser
Please hit the RESPOND button and type in a list of whatever you subscribe to (I will understand if you omit HIGHLY EMBARASSING subscriptions entered into in a moment of weakness). You might also mention areas of general interest. For example, I will be interested in anything anyone may have read on the subject of MAZES.

One example of useful information would be hot rumors and tips about products for the Mac. Once we see what magazines other members are receiving, we can all start to access information from diverse sources.