Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 10  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 2:34 PM

Every member in this group is an expert in at least one arcane field of endeavor and I hope we can all benefit from each other's expertise. My vision is that at any time, any one of us can ask any kind of question, put it into a voice card bottle, and toss it into a vast sea of knowledge!

To get the ball rolling, I hereby offer my help to anyone who wants to learn more about HyperTalk (HyperCard's programming language). I will be glad to help you with any programming efforts (you can even send me partially working stacks) and I will also try to answer other questions about the Macintosh. Since I am the editor, I can answer your questions in the very next issue and there are other members in the group with computer knowledge who may be able to answer questions I cannot.

Stuart and I have already discussed the possibility of creating a HyperCard grading program. Several of us would find such a program useful; if you send in descriptions of what you would want such a program to do, we could create one together as a kind of tutorial.

Other members have knowledge about the stock market, tarot symbolism, statistics, music, poetry, linguistics, photography, philosophy, and God knows what else! I hope these other members will make similar offers of free advice!