grading program response

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Stuart Card Number 5  -  Fri, Oct 21, 1988 4:42 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 10 ("Expertise")...

Yeah, what about that grading program? I had forgotton all about it, but it sure sounds like a good idea.

What I need is not fancy, just some way to compute grades for a student's papers and other grades, which I normally count as a percentage of his/her total grade (Ex: the final research project for my English 260 Children's Lit. class counts for 35 % of the grade -- 25 % for the written component of the student's project, 10% for the oral component of the project).

As a relative computer novice, I have no idea how to set this up, but I can send along any info you need, like grade sheets l've used in the past, etc.