brief throught re Tomas

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Stuart Card Number 6  -  Fri, Oct 21, 1988 4:53 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 14 ("A Note to Tomás")...

Hmm., artist, eh? Tomas' art may not be appropriate for such a project, but if it is and we hit it off right, maybe Tomas and I (oh, this is Stuart talking) can collaborate on a children's book. My wife and I have already written one (entitiled LOUIS' DRAGON -- about a dragon who lives in the New York City subways and who ends up taking the entire Upper West Side on his back to the Connecticutt for a picnic).

My current children's book project is a book of Alphabet poems (I'm currently up to "P"). Anyway, maybe this could be a developing project that can evolve over the Archepilago network. Maybe I could provide an alphabet poem each issue and Tomas could play around with some possibilities for illustrating the text.

The eventual goal, of course, would be to get the books published. It's been my experience that literary agents and Children's Book editors prefer projects submitted to them that are as complete as possible; i.e. both text and illustrations.

[Editor's note: Stuart's alphabet poems are included as part of a wrapped package on the main screen. His HyperPoetry stack will be updated with each new issue.]