Illustrations for Poems

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Tomas Card Number 1  -  Sun, Dec 4, 1988 8:58 PM

This is a response to volume 2, Stuart Card Number 6 ("brief throught re Tomas")...

Estimado Stuart:

Your suggestion is exciting!

I printed out your poems so as to keep them in front of me at my drawing table. I've been working on it, unfortunately I couldn't send you a sample this time... On the other hand, I do have a question for you:

Do you have any particular style in mind? (fairy-tale, cartoon, realistic, other)

A more technical problem I encountered deals with sending a "painting" inside a Hyperstack: I usually draw with pencil and paper, then I digitize it, work on it and then send it. Now, my ThunderScan is broken, and the DEST scanner that I use at school creates TIFF & SuperPaint files which are huge! (150+ K for a 3in. x 2.5in. picture)

I would prefer to send you a TIFF file, if you have a program that can open it (PublishPac, PageMaker 2.0) and a Laser to print it, and if the size of the Transit Disk allows it.

Another possibility is to just send you a "hard copy" - computerese for "paper" (!)

I promise to send you something for the next issue.

Merry Christmas,