Hello Card  -  Volume 3  -  Tomas Card Number 0  -  Sat, Dec 3, 1988 4:54 PM

¡Qué tal!

I've been having a great time reading all "voices" & contributions. Also exploring the "innards" of each and everyone of these stacks.

David Letterman, I don't have time for you anymore!

Those XFCN's and XCMD's in the HPL library stack were terrific! : PopUpMenu, Columnize, SortItems, ResMover, ZoomRect, wow!

The most interesting project I'm involved in right now is the publication of a 4 to 8 page newsletter for the Chilean community here in Salt Lake. I'm using PageMaker 2.0, Word 3.02, CricketDraw, a DEST scanner and a Laser Plus printer. The first issue was mailed just this week (12/4). The "editor" and I are pretty exited about it and anxious to get feedback from our readers.

Merry Christmas,


(By the way, I don't RUN "a high school computer center". I create templates (using commercial software, of course) the administration of my school needs to keep track of students info, payroll, materials expenditures. And design forms, flyers, brochures, ID cards and reports to the agencies that fund us.)