Hello Card  -  Volume 3  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Tue, Nov 29, 1988 9:38 PM

"Time, time!", Bilbo cried at a crisis point in another great ponarv some years ago. This seems to be the de-facto plaint of Archipelagans, and one with which I will joyously - to stretch the metaphor - harmonize.

Travel is the current consumer of my time, with business sending me to New York, Boston, Boise, and Bozeman (one city per trip); all within five weeks. Last week was the midway point of this schedule, and was also Thanksgiving week - which is why the company didn't send me somewhere. Naturally I used the long weekend for personal travel.

Next week involves teaching a two-day class at MSU, then - late-breaking news - a couple days more in Helena. John: stock up on Pepsi and Rice-A-Roni. Dionne: is *your* busy schedule open for dinner Thursday night? If so, see if you can interest John in something a little more elegant than Frontier Pies.