Hello Card  -  Volume 3  -  Holly Card Number 0  -  Sun, Dec 4, 1988 2:59 PM

Since the last volume (John-I think we need a term for the time between volumes, like Archipelago Moon) I have been to OZ and back.

I took a job away from the Bay Area so I packed my stuff and drove to the LA area, I was there for a few days and realized it was a horrible mistake and came back to my own backyard. There has been alot of soul searching and some pain with the whole experience. It is nice to have an island to go to recuperate.

I meant to contribute more this time but I lost of box of books in the move, including some I was going to review.

I have been editing my transit stack and it is much later than the time on the card and I need to go to bed.

Goodnight Archipelago