My Six Island Occupations

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Holly Card Number 1  -  Sat, Dec 3, 1988 10:35 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 2, Larry Card Number 2 ("Further Island Quiz Topics")...

While on the island I want to learn new things but to also just DO somethings I don't do much now. My six things are:

1) Dance! I love to dance. I would crank up the jukebox (there are speakers in all the trees you know) throw off my shoes and maybe my clothes and dance!

2) I have always wanted to learn languages well enough to read some classics in the original language.

3) Learn to play piano better, I want to play Chopin well. I fantasize being Ireney (Forsyth Sagas).

4) Yes, I'd like to learn more about these computer things.

5) Daydream, daydream & daydream.

6) Create, I'd take the time to forget about time and draw and write, play music and dance.

Even though we would know them I would like to know what 6 people we would bring if we could bring unfamous people, couples can count as one selection. Mine are:

1) Believe it or not, my mom and dad.

2) My best friend Bev and her husband Mike (another MAC addict).

3) My nephew Robbie (age 10).

4) Baxter, a friend

5) Kevin, a friend of many, many yrs.

6) My guru, enough on that one.